Egg Donor Bank

donor egg bank donors If you are trying to conceive and facing challenges due to poor egg quality, using donor eggs may help you start a family at last. Egg donation consistently leads to the highest live birth rate of any IVF procedure. Today, you have more options for obtaining donated eggs, including the use of frozen eggs. At the Donor Egg Bank, we are privileged to help women around the world using the best quality eggs and the latest technology to deliver real results.

Why Is a Donor Egg Bank Needed?

A decline in egg quantity and quality begins occurring in a woman’s mid-thirties and progresses rapidly after the age of forty. This reduction in good quality eggs means a higher chance of producing a chromosomally abnormal embryo resulting in miscarriage or the birth of a child with a chromosomal abnormality. Women with few or no eggs due to advanced age, those who have undergone cancer treatments that impair their fertility, and women who have experienced multiple failed rounds of IVF with their own eggs may all seek eggs from healthy young donors as an alternative.

We Offer Fast, Convenient and Effective Treatment

Using fresh donor eggs can be costly and time consuming. The process of synchronizing donor and recipient cycles in preparation for egg retrieval, fertilization, and embryo transfer can take many months. With our donor database, patients can often find an excellent match and acquire a frozen batch of eggs right away. A batch of 8 eggs typically yields 2 high quality embryos to transfer and is approximately half the cost of a full traditional egg donation cycle. This makes frozen eggs from a donor egg bank the most affordable option for many prospective parents.

Patients Deserve a World-Class Donor Egg Bank Experience

Dr. John Jain, head of the Donor Egg Bank at Santa Monica, is one of the pioneers of successful egg freezing technology using a method called “vitrification” that keeps eggs intact during the cooling and thawing processes. He established one of the world’s first donor egg banks in 2004 and is one of four reproductive endocrinologists to be appointed to the National Scientific Advisory Council of Fertility Preservation by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

With his broad and extensive knowledge of all areas of assisted reproductive technology, Dr. Jain is one of the few fertility specialists in the world to have published scientific papers regarding success in treating women over 50. His dedication to research and leadership in clinical trials demonstrates an ongoing commitment to improving the safety and efficacy of egg freezing to achieve ever higher success rates for live birth using donor eggs.

Our Donor Egg Bank Emphasizes Quality

In addition to using the most modern techniques for egg freezing, our facility takes great care with donor selection to increase the success rate for our patients. All medical information for donors is reviewed by Dr. Jain and we only accept the best, proven donors. Our donor database provides patients with a diverse range of choices that are a good fit for background, culture, ethnicity, educational history, physical attributes, and personality. Our donor liaison works diligently to assist recipients in finding the best possible match in our egg bank.

At the Donor Egg Bank, we make it our mission provide the most effective reproductive choices by combining innovative technology, accountability and quality personal care. Thank you for visiting our site today. To learn more about how our donor egg bank and the egg donation process works, browse our website and contact our office to ask questions or schedule a consultation